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46EMRKSNNNFFHFLRRICompetence Stimulating Peptide, CSPC94H146N31O23S1Streptococcus mitisComD58, 59
47EMRLPKILRDFIFPRKKCompetence Stimulating Peptide, CSPC102H171N29O22S1Streptococcus pneumoniae, Streptococcus oralis, Streptococcus mitisComD58, 71
54ESRLPKIRFDFIFPRKKCompetence Stimulating Peptide, CSPC103H165N29O23Streptococcus mitisComD58, 59
55ESRVSRIILDFLFQRKKCompetence Stimulating Peptide, CSPC97H163N29O25Streptococcus mitisComD58, 71
60EIRQTHNIFFNFFKRRCompetence Stimulating Peptide, CSPC100H150N31O23Streptococcus mitisComD58, 59
61EMRKPDGALFNLFRRRCompetence Stimulating Peptide, CSPC88H145N30O22S1Streptococcus mitisComD58, 59
62ESRISDILLDFLFQRKKCompetence Stimulating Peptide, CSPC96H158N26O27Streptococcus mitisComD58, 71