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2YSPITNF-NH2RIP, RNAIII Inhibiting PeptideC40H57N9O11DerivedTRAP67
7YSPWTNF-NH2RIP, RNAIII Inhibiting PeptideC45H56N10O11Staphylococcus epidermidis, Staphylococcus aureusTRAP1, 14, 17, 30, 32
81YKPITNF-NH2RIP, RNAIII Inhibiting PeptideC43H64N10O10DerivedTRAP67
82YKPITN-NH2RIP, RNAIII Inhibiting PeptideC34H55N9O9DerivedTRAP67
84YSPCTNFFRIP, RNAIII Inhibiting PeptideC46H59N9O13S1DerivedTRAP67
85YSPCTNFRIP, RNAIII Inhibiting PeptideC37H50N8O12S1DerivedTRAP67
92FHWWQTSPAHFSRAP-binding peptide, RBPC75H91N19O17SyntheticTRAP68
156PITNF-NH2RIP, RNAIII Inhibiting PeptideC28H43N7O7DerivedTRAP67
157PWTNF-NH2RIP, RNAIII Inhibiting PeptideC33H42N8O7DerivedTRAP67
214WPFAHWPWQYPRRAP-binding peptide, RBPC86H103N21O15SyntheticTRAP68
215YKPWTNF-NH2RIP, RNAIII Inhibiting PeptideC48H63N11O10DerivedTRAP67